We rent a large house with a garden and we use some of the available space to develop several activities: vegetable garden, chicken coop, aquaponics, energy production, hackspace…


The path

We would like to rent a large and beautiful house with a garden in Rincón de la Victoria, such as as one of those and share it with a few people. We think that it’s a great way to work together and to start implementing solutions that enable us to reduce our environmental footprint in a economical way while improving our quality of life. There are many things that we could do there:

We are really looking forward to producing some of our food, having fresh eggs every week, generating our energy and having a place dedicated to hacking and building stuff. Because it’s fun, and because it will make us proud of being able to produce some of the things that we need to sustain ourselves. We could also use this to organise hackathons, small workshops to teach how to set up aquaponics, how to build and program arduinos, and many more things...

Of course several houses could be rented by different groups and specialise in different themes.


Specific skills: relevant skills are a plus but not a requirement. Willingness to get your hands dirty and learn.

Commitment level: low. I.e. normal commitment related to houseshare, helping with at least one of the activities developed in the house.

Minimum amount of investment per house*: €1,200.

* Required for: aquaponics (pieces of the system, maintenance equipment, substrate, fish and seeds); chicken (coop and wire fence, small equipments, chicken); tools (for building the coop and the aquaponics and to put in the workshop aka hackspace), safety equipment.

Further small investments might be required depending on what we develop, and it is likely that there will be a (small) member's fee.

Note: the members are responsible for renting the house, taking care of it and organising themselves around the regular chores of the house, like they would do when sharing accommodation in normal life.

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