Open Source Ecology Workshop

We buy some land or rent a space and use it to build open source construction and agriculture machinery, that we then use to build an aquaponics greenhouse as well as some utilities and habitable buildings. We can organise workshops, design and build larger buildings, etc.


The path

We have been following the work of Open Source Ecology for a while and we really, really like it. So we want to move to the next step and actually implement it. We see it as an awesome way to empower the local community and economy. It can enable people who wouldn’t be afford to buy or rent such tools to buy, rent or make them. It’s an opportunity to create jobs and cooperatives and companies. We could make bricks that have a ridiculously small environmental impact in comparison with the common ones, and that can be used for very solid and well insulated buildings. And those buildings could be designed and even made by the people who will live in those, which makes the whole thing much cheaper, more adapted to one’s needs, and also a source of pride.

How do we do that? Here as the steps that we are thinking of taking, not necessarily in that order:

We can also start with renting some adequate space (warehouse, garage) to use it as a workshop and assemble the machines before buying some land and starting building there.


Specific skills:

Minimum amount of people: 4, among which several people with enough time to dedicate at least 1 full-time equivalent (FTE).

Commitment level: low to high. From helping a bit here and there to dedicating full time on it and making a living out of the outcome.

Minimum amount of investment*: at least €60,000 to start.

*Required for: land, raw materials for the machines, tools, safety equipment, administrative and legal matters, possible costs for professional help for building the machines and/or using specific tools (e.g. laser cutter), energy.

Further rounds of investments of several thousands will be required as the project goes on depending on what we decide to build. The initial investment might change should the market change.

Note: We know that we are unlikely to be allowed to do all of the above easily. What we are allowed to do on a plot of land depends on its type and subtype, thus what we will be allowed to do depends on what type of land is available for sale when we decide to start this path.

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