Building Reset Society

Living better and sustainably can be done in several ways. Our objective targets various aspects of life that can be improved, which form the pieces of the puzzle that we need to put together to achieve our goals.

Some of these pieces can represent a lot of work, but they can be broken down into tiny pieces that do not require a lot of resources. That means that if you are interested in what we do and want to participate but think that don’t have the time or money or ideas to help, you are probably wrong. There are lots of ways to participate, even with very little time or resources. You can read more about that in our our blog, and learn about the pieces of the puzzle below.

  • Surroundings

    Living in a place with a lovely weather, good food and quick access to awesome regions.

  • Working better

    Less stress, less commute, more oportunities to improve professionally.

  • Food & Energy

    Using ecologically and mostly locally produced food & energy.

  • Social enterprises

    Promoting companies with social goals and ethical backgrounds.

  • Tech innovation

    Living in a place where technological innovation thrives.

  • Your ideas

    Your ideas, it is impossible to come up with a working model without them.


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