We are looking for Super Heroes!

We want to change the way we work in this planet and the way we live in it. And we need you to achieve it.


What are we looking for?

For the first step of our plan we want to gather people willing to change things. We are in Rincón de la Victoria, a place with an excellent quality of life, subtropical weather and which is very well communicated.

We are looking for people who would like to live in such place and to engage in projects that further improve this quality of life -while preventing gentrification- and that increase sustainability. People can participate in different ways, on their own or as companies.

Change the world while working in what you love

If you can work remotely, you can come and work with us. Just keep doing that thing you love and do so nicely for living but from a better place.

Right now we are looking mainly for developers, designers and usability experts so we can create synergies, and organize events around development or even create projects around the goals of Reset Society. In any case as long as you are able to sustain yourself working remotely you will be more than welcome to join us.

Change the world with your company

If you belong to a company that really cares about their workers, or even better, if you belong to a company involved in social entrepreneurship and is building something to improve the world, that is great! Come and let's join forces!

If you are condidering getting involved in a coworking space we'd be glad to help; we have done some market reasearch and thus have useful information and contacts.

What do we offer now?

If you are considering joining us, here is what we offer to you making a decision and then settling:

*We offer a bedroom in our house close to the centre of the town. Other costs are at your own expense.

Send your application to: admin@resetsociety.com

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We want to hear from you

Do you want to participate in our project, suggest an idea? Do you have questions? Or you are in the region and want to meet? You can get in touch with us through our social media accounts - see on the right side - or by dropping us an email. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!